Oh My Poor Cleric…

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I have quite a bit of characters that I rotate around through my adventures in DDO.  I currently stand at 16 characters and have 5 more empty character slots to use (I think at least..).  Now I do play Erdrique quite a bit, logging him on every Friday and Saturday night and then logging him every other day for about an hour after work.  Hamllin is my second most played character, as I play him on all of the other days I don’t play Erdrique after work.  My other characters are then rotated around for a few hours each night prior to me going to bed.  So as result, a number of characters get neglected, including my Level 22 Exalted Angel/Radiant Servant/Cleric Wapoyei

I do enjoy playing playing Wapoyei and he is more of a healing cleric as opposed to a battle cleric but I do like to put…

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