The Tomb of Eight

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Near the ruins of the ancient wizarding school is a cliff that is home to a clever and hostile clan of hippogriffs. At the base of the cliff, now well concealed by the trees that grew from what were once decorative hedges along the path here, is the entrance to the Tomb of Eight.

The Tomb of Eight The Tomb of Eight

The Tomb of Eight was constructed in the last decades of the school, after the great battle that presaged its eventual collapse. In that battle eight of the students died fighting against the besieging forces – the eight most promising students of the school who had taken it upon themselves to defend it when their teachers proved to be insufficient.

Even after defeating the besieging host, the deaths of the top tier of the student body spelled the end for the school. Thus they were entombed here and the school abandoned except…

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