Ever Wonder About the Other Classes in DDO?

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As an adventurer in Stormreach and Eveningstar, you come across a wide variety of monsters, enemies, and classes.  Currently in DDO, you can select a character to be based on a wide array of classes or to multiclass these roles together.  The other day I was running Erdrique through the Hidden Chapel (the quest, Purge the Heretics), and noticed one of the enemies I was fighting was a “Hunter”.  This made me wonder what other enemies “classes” their are in the game and how they very, if at all, from the primary character classes.

Erd having fun in the Hidden Chapel photo ErdhavingfunintheHiddenChapel_zps749a761b.jpg
Erdrique questing through the Hidden Chapel and wondering about some of these other enemy “classes”.

Just from a quick glance at a number of quests, I came up with a number of enemy classes: Hunters, Acolytes, Warriors, Sneaks, Archers, Theurges, Necromancers, Oracles, Warmongers, Shamans, Priests, Barons, Apprentices, Boatswains, Helmsman, Shanty Singers, Swashbucklers, Scouts, and Disciples…

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