Throwing Down the Reign

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There is no doubt that when I play DDO I feel much more comfortable playing melee and ranged characters as opposed to casting characters.  With that said, I currently have quite a stable of characters, with many of them level 20 or higher that range across all types of character classes.  The more comfortable I am with my character, the higher the difficult setting I will play.  For example, with my main character Erdrique (Level 28 Rouge/Grandmaster of Flowers) I tend to run things on either heroic elite (when going through his heroic lives) or epic hard.  However, for my arcane casters such as Rimuldar (Level 24 Wizard/Draconic Incarnation) I tend to stick to epic normal.  Characters that I tend to run quests on epic hard include Garrrin (Level 24 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild), Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion), and Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader).  My other characters in the…

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