Drunken Longbow

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


(A quick glossary exists at the end)

The next day…

Li-Li’s chamber was audaciously decorated by a fresco, a fresco featuring the historical teachers of the Meteor-Hand sect at play with strange golden dragons, regal white cranes, and bold tigers.

A cloud of ceremonial incense cloaked Li-Li’s wizened face, making it appear as if she was both permeable and impermeable.

Even this is a teaching, Kailifae said to herself as she meditated, meditated and waited for her sigung to open her spirited eyes and take notice of her. Even this moment changes, even I  change moment by moment, spilling into the–

“–the Jingong,” Li-Li said, eyes snapping open.

“Yes,” Kailifae said, bowing to her teacher, hands clasped, head bowing.

“Jingong doesn’t care who you are or what you want,” Li-Li laughed, “and like these ancestors on the wall behind me, it teaches you all the same.”

“It is as you…

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