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I hit 30 Saturday, turned around and reincarnated to a Warlock human life – did some Khortos Island quests and ate an Otto’s rock and hit 18. Then spent a few hours Sunday doing all Vale quests for the 20th.

I’m back to Warlock after 3 lives with 2 Gnome Wiz and one Gnome Arti. That finishes off my 3 Wiz lives and 1 Arti (for 3 Iconic Gnome). All in all more spell pen and +3 illusion DC with +15 Acid Spell power.

My hope is a more robust upper level spell pen if not I’m hitting FvS for 3 lives just to eek out more of it. At some point however it’s either do or bust because there’s nothing worse than playing upper level arcane without accomplishing much.

I must say that the Iconic Gnome Wiz was a pleasant experience. It’s hard to argue against dual PKs and…

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