Running stuff under level

Micki's Delirium

I have been playing DDO for 22 months now, and I have since I started playing, mostly done quests elite on level. I.e. within bravery bonus or 1 level over, but with in range to not get xp penalty.  The other week I pre-purchased Shadowfell Conspiracy and made myself a level 15 bladeforged (default build), then I jumped into a normal Lords of Dust (level 16 quest) without anything but what he got on creation. No additional pots or scrolls and no hireling.  This means I was one level under quest level. Spikylicious did very well.

Last week I decided that I wanted to run my sister to Eveningstar. Her highest level toon is a level 13 druid. To get to Eveningstar you have to run the Web of Chaos quest chain and Beyond the rift, all level 16 quests. I ran Spiky, grim joined on her newly created bladeforged…

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