Random Thoughts on the Enemies of the Desert Caravan

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One of my more favorite set of quests is Demon Sands, also known as the Sands of Menechtarun.  The Demon Sands was one of the earlier content packs released for DDO and when it was first released (Module 3), the only way to get to Zawabi’s Refuge (the central hub for the quest pack) you had to complete the quest, the Desert Caravan.  The Desert Caravan is bestowed by Iosynne d’Phiarlan in the House P Ward of Stormreach.  The premise of the quest is simple, protect the caravan from the denizens of the Menechtarun desert.

Erd in the midst of the attacking scorrow photo Erdinthemidstoftheattackingscorrow_zps9a70076c.jpg
Erdrique in the midst of protecting the Caravan.

The Desert Caravan was unique because it gave us the first glimpse about what we would encounter within the wild landscape of the Menechtarun Desert.  Later, the requirement to complete the Desert Caravan to reach Zawabi’s Refuge was changed and a NPC…

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