The more pets, the merrier

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We’ve well established here on Bio Break that I’m somewhat of a pet nut when it comes to MMO classes. If I have the opportunity to whip out a combat pet to help me in my adventures, then rest assured I’m going to do it.

Yet there’s something I love even more than that. If one pet is great, then a GROUP of pets approaches nirvana. Now, this isn’t something you see in many games. I imagine it’s a bit of a headache for developers, some of which decide not to do it at all. So while there are plenty of MMOs that give you an option to wield a pet (and one game, SWTOR, that delivers this to everyone), only a handful of titles deliver classes with multiple pets.

City of Villain’s Mastermind? Oh yes, I still mourn the loss of this class in its many incarnations, including Thug…

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