Blooclikr lvl 30 Defender build

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

Following link will show build in writing – beneith i’ll visualize the build by screens from ingame 🙂

Blood – Defender Parody – 12brd, 6ftr, 2rog

Stat sheetHit point sheet

Defence sheet

Attack bonus sheet

Weapon power sheet

Spell power sheet

Spells sheet


Feats 1Feats 2Feats 3Feats 4Feats 5Feats 6Feats 7Feats 8Feats 9


Enhancements sheet 1Enhancements sheet 2Enhancements sheet 3


Skills sheet 1Skills sheet 2Skills sheet 3

Epic Destiny and Twists of fate:

Epic Destiny Tree

Twists of fate 1

Twists of fate 2

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