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So I ran frame works again – Minotaur village thingie quest with a group this time. There was only 5 of us, but I figured that if I could solo it I bet 5 level (almost) appropriate toons could do it better.

So I died twice. Which is far less than most others.

I died once as I tried to help out 2 that decided to play brave heart and attack 2 red named (in the same spot) and 3-4 other Minotaur’s. I started by killing several but then got knocked down over and over until I got up with a fraction HP left and died.

The second time I died it was when I was within a hit from killing the boss Minotaur – I should have stepped out of it, drunk a couple of pots and get back in again, but alas I didn’t. before that I had killed…

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