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I felt the need to blog about this. It really annoyed me.

Yesterday I put an LFM up for FoT. While waiting for the group to fill I got a tell saying ‘LFM UP LOSERS’. Odd, I thought, maybe I missed an existing LFM and the guy was annoyed… So I checked the panel. No, mine was the only FoT up there.

Then an LFM did pop up, from the person who had sent me the tell.

 photo idiot_zps4b1c9ca9.jpg

OK… I’ve blanked the name out, but let me just say it suggested he (I’m saying he for ease of writing..) came from another server which he obviously felt was much better than Sarlona.

So here’s my thoughts:-

  • DDO is an MMO. You know, lots of us, playing together…
  • FoT is a raid. Yes, I’ve short manned it. That was our choice at the time. That does not mean I refuse to…

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