Review of the Tomb of the Unhallowed

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Erdrique is currently working on his level 11 quests, which includes four quests required to open up the Cursed Crypt: Tomb of the Unhallowed, Tomb of the Forbidden, Tomb of Tormented, and Tomb of the Blighted.  This series is better known as Necro III.  Last weekend I started this series by taking on the the Tomb of the Unhallowed.  The Tomb of the Unhallowed is bestowed by a rather arrogant NPC named Lady Vienne.  She basically tells you to go to the Tomb to destroy the guardian and basically mentions that any lout can do this.  Of course there are a number of details that she doesn’t tell you…go figure.

Fight the cultists in the Tomb of the Unhallowed photo FightingthecultistsintheTomboftheUnahllowed_zpsa59a998f.jpg
Erdrique taking on some of the cultists in the Tomb of the Unhallowed.

The tomb is split into four hallways or quadrants, with the entrance of the tomb being in the center.  The guardian…

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