Guest post: Elves forever!

Bio Break

Keebler-ElvesSyp is AFK on vacation this week and put out a call for substitute writers! Today’s guest post is brought to you by Tyler of Superior Realities. Check out his blog for more great word-stuff!

Embrace the Good Hail and well met, Bio Break readers. My name is Tyler, and I usually blog over at Superior Realities, where I discuss video games, books, TV, movies, and my life as a freelance writer and novelist. Syp has kindly invited me to provide a guest post for Bio Break while he is on vacation.

There are many things upon which Syp and I disagree. Most notably Elves – if I thought he’d let me get away with it, I’d plaster this entire post in nothing but pictures of Elves, just to watch him squirm. But if there is one thing I do admire about Syp, it is his positivity. In…

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