Nice thing about dragontouched (for once)

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There was a time when I hated getting runes for my dragontouched. Some had this mad method; since runes stack they pulled enough runes that stacked, tried out the rune and if they didn’t like it they knew it was bad. So they had to pull ALOT of runes. Lots of runs, lots of runes in what must’ve been worse than running shroud without completion until you’re ransacked.

Then Turbine changed it. No more unknown runes; no more replacing something ‘I can use that’ with ‘arcane sigil????’

This works well for my plans, which involves making a pair of air bracers – +5 reflex and 35HP with air guard. Cheap, effective and to the point. Meanwhile they will replace my named subt bracers with 20% heal amp. So I need to find a DT tempest heal amp rune to replace it until I have +20 heal amp on my future tempest…

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