Random Things From the Past Two Months

Full Moon Fury

Just a few random things to share, for no reason at all.  In fact, don’t look at them.  Keep moving along.

ScreenShot01340 The Cleric doing his thing, with a seated audience.

ScreenShot01336 The Rebellious Hireling.. he’s with us, just not in the party.  Lovely!

ScreenShot01320 Apparently, “ramps” are a difficult concept for kobolds.

ScreenShot01323 The altar celebration dance from the first #OperationPinkShroud.  You can see Uncletubbs Stole An Elf Body (barely) under Gamer Geoff’s armpit.  Also involved were @JudyeNazareth (a.k.a. Geek Mom), @EvenNote (a.k.a. EvenNote), and @BonnieBew (a.k.a. BonnieBew).

ScreenShot01312 Gorruk Boulderbreaker, dwarfing it up and comparing… hammer sizes with the Duergar King.

ScreenShot01310 What’s the first thing you do when you max out your crafting levels?  Why, make the longest-named-object you can, without actually expending effort.

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1 Response to Random Things From the Past Two Months

  1. Hanork says:

    I was there in #operationpinkshroud Farmerfor Favor. Man my artificer has come a long way since I gave her that awful name.


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