Amrath made easy

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Adding toughness to the shield makes me only marginally more survivable but what’s really cool is the con op, torc and demon shield. I was having so much fun running Amrath rare and basically taking very little damage due to HP proc and I didn’t even have to shrine because of the insane SP procs. To put it mildly – I might not be able to hit worth a gnat, but as long as I can nuke it, I’m in good shape. Orthons are my best type of dynamo. As you run them around a blade barrier they’re all to happy shooting you with their repeaters. Add 4-5 of them and you take 1-2 in damage and every 3-4 hits you have SP and/or HP. Only in close combat can it get a little dicey since their cleaves do more damage in a couple of hits than the temporary HP…

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