Amrath – the con op edition

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My goal from the very first time I started playing my ranger was to be able to solo Amrath. As I wrote about it previously someone recommended that I look at this thing called Monk (I guess somewhat sarcastically) but to me that’s kind of silly. If I enjoy a class why should I then look at something else simply because it’s ‘easier’ to do something with that one and forego the challenge with my choice?

If that was true I would simply stick with my FvS since BB and kite works fine wherever I go.

When I talk about solo I don’t talk me, the sunlight in the back and a hireling. I mean we all use hirelings and sometimes they’re more roadblocks than they’re useful. Like if the hireling is ‘close’ enough they’re going to take their time running to you. If they’re not they first have to…

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