Frustration with the Restless Isles…

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As I take Erdrique through this particular life on his way through the completionist train, one of the goals I wanted to try to accomplish was to knock out all of the Wilderness Zones, at the appropriate levels, as well as hit up all of the quests on elite (excluding raids) without “leveling out of them”.  So far I have done pretty good.  Erdrique currently stands at level 15 and the lowest non-raid quest he needs is Ghola-Fan which is level 12 on elite, so he hasn’t out leveled it yet. 

Ogres and wildme in the Restless Isles photo OgresandwildmenintheIsles_zps7eaa7409.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Restless Isles.

As for the explorer areas, he has completed Korthos, Cerulean Hills, Waterworks, Tangleroot, Three Barrel Cove, Searing Heights, Red Fens, Sorrowdusk Isle, and Ataraxia’s Haven all within the appropriate level ranges.  The next one to hit up was the Restless Isles.  Well, I did…

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