Dammit! Stop making me drool!!!!

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

That’s right Turbine; so I had this longterm plan to make a truck ton of goodies (greensteel) and run a bazillion Epics for some really rare things (ring of Elemental Essence, I’m talking about you) and you go and add some challenge system with a bunch of stuff that would totally solve things for me.

My end goal is the following; Animus for the undead crowds (runearm out of DA – got that one). It’s situational since most high end critters laugh at fire damage and it’s not ideal unless I hope to slap high end critters over the hand with it and then make them mad at me. Glorious Obscenity (Reign of Madness – acid based and I got that one). Its acid damage is really brutal. I did some experimenting and respeccing and after adding a Major acid Lore trinket I can hit between 80 – over 800…

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