What’s the deal with the wildmen?

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Over the past week or so I took Erdrique through Ataraxia’s Haven and the Restless Isles.  One thing that both of these areas have in common are the wildmen.  Going by the appropriate level ranges, you come across Ataraxia’s Haven first and then come on toward the Restless Isles.  However, there is a discrepancy here.  The storyline for the Restless Isles indicates that the wildmen the descendants of the servants of the Quori and they are only found in the Restless Isles.  This is why the wildmen can enter the Twilight Forge without any problems, however, if the wildmen are limited to the Restless Isles then how did they make their way to Ataraxia’s Haven?  They are also located in the Skyfall Coast, where they are present when the forces of Droaam begin to start their siege on Stormreach.

Erd enjoying the view in the Restless Isles photo EnjoyingtheviewintheRestlessIsles_zpsf6361846.jpg
Erdrique wondering about the secrets of the Restless Isles…

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