DDO Rolls 1d3

Bio Break

Wow… Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) just turned 3 — has it really been that long already?

When it first came out, I was right on board, first train and pulling that whistle.  Choo-choo!  DDO seemed like it had a great chance to forge a new path in MMOspace — a solid IP that was synonymous with “RPG”, a dedication to party instance runs that would tell stories, and the ability to multi-class.  Right after launch, however, it didn’t take long for most of us to realize that this wasn’t going to make any great waves in the gaming industry, and in fact, was going to struggle hard for its entire lifespan.

For the record, I liked DDO, but they didn’t quite think everything through in development.  The Eberron setting was a mistake, as few D&D loyalists were familiar with the campaign, and confining the population to one city gave…

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