Month: June 2016

Goodbye NBI 2016

Originally posted on Many Welps:
Today is the last day of the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year, where did the time go? I feels like just a few days a go I was setting up the blog and getting ready to publish my first post. NBI gave me the motivation…

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DDO: Respeccing

Originally posted on Bio Break:
I have a pretty solid philosophy when it comes to playing MMOs — I play what’s fun and appealing to me, not what is widely considered to be the “best” class or the “best” build or whatnot.  Sometimes the two converge, but more often not. …

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My type of characters

Originally posted on GamingSF:
I was contemplating old characters from various games recently and whether I have a “type” of character that I prefer to play. I have a lot of characters in a lot of MMOs now, too many to list or think about but I think there’s some…

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