DDO: Invasion of Privacy

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Dungeons and Dragons for DummiesOne thing that got me curious last night, after reading the big DDO Unlimited (DDOU?  DDOEU?  When do acronyms just get silly-stupid?) announcement, was the reaction of current subscribers to the news.  Imagine if the MMO you’re currently subscribing to suddenly announced this shift.  After all, this is their game, their turf, and it’s just been turned upside-down.  Perhaps for the better, perhaps not — I went to their forums to take their temperature.

The general reactions to this announcement tended to land in one of five responses:

  1. Upset because this also represents a delay of a promised content patch (module 9), which the community was eagerly awaiting.
  2. Excited for the huge marketing push, potential influx of lots of new players, cheaper cost and (hopefully) more content than had been rolling out recently.  As a dev said, “It’s kind of dumb to have a store if you’re not selling new…

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