Some Thoughts On the Recent Changes to Experience Needed to Heroic True Reincarnate

Erdrique's Blog

Over the past weekend, I hit level 20 with Erdrique.  I couldn’t help notice how the changes in the experience curve allowed Erdrique to reach that plateau more quickly than before.  When I typically run through a heroic true reincarnation, I tend to run all the quests on elite in chronological order.  Now this isn’t the fastest way to move through a heroic life but I don’t like to skip quests and I like to gain the favor as well as the extra Turbine Points from that earned favor.  When I had moved through Erdrique’s previous life as a cleric, I noticed that he had made it up to the Vale of Twilight and Reign of Madness quests before he hit the heroic level cap.  I also tend to complete the explorer areas as best as I can as well.  During my last life, I had a hard time…

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