Favorite Classes of All Time

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Brady19-745902Gordon over at We Fly Spitfires threw up an interesting article (hm, maybe “threw up” wasn’t the best verb I could’ve used) talking about his favorite classes over his MMO career.  I’d love to hop on board that train and take it to the next station, so here are my ten favorite classes from my past (and current) MMOs:

1. Hunter (WoW)

Yes, they’re overplayed, underskilled and a cliche for the entire MMO genre — but I still loved mine.  I’ve never experienced a pet class in any other MMO that was as thrilling as WoW’s hunter, which incorporated capturing a pet of your choice (within reason) and training it over your journey together.  In my defense, I never played a Night Elf Hunter.

2. Warlock (WoW)

The original Syp was born as a gnome warlock, a powerhouse experience from 1-73ish when I left her to wither and die in…

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