Thoughts on the Black Anvil Mines-A Relic of the Sovereign Past

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At one time, the quest known as A Relic of the Sovereign Past, was one of the hardest and most heavily ran quests in the game.  Today, it is rarely run and I have a few of my guildies who swear they have never been in it.  When the quest first came out, it was better known as the Black Anvil Mines (BAM).  The quest giver, Sir Kinze MacDunnam is found in the Temple of the Sovereign Host in House Deneith.  He tells you about a historic artifact that has gone missing: the legendary sword Tesyus.  Our adventurers are tasked with finding the legendary sword which has supposedly turned up in the Black Anvil Mines. 

Erdrique taking on the taskmaster photo Erdriquetakingonthetaskmaster_zps40a031c6.jpg
Erdrique taking on the taskmaster.

Although the quest giver is in House Deneith, the entrance to the Black Anvil Mines is actually in House Kundarak.  This entrance also harbors the quest, Made to Order

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