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I finally ran a succesful Shroud after we failed one. The failed one got us to part 4 where the devil decided that we healed to good and slapped us (both healers) with a meteorstorm. Naturally our instinct was to heal ourselves quickly as he managed to slap us down to 10 percentish worth of HP and that lead to a cascade of people dying. I tried to keep us up by wasting potions which I shouldn’t had because we gave up shortly thereafter.

The second run was pretty straightforward and it took me to the finish line and another completion. I managed to pull 200 or so renown in the first failed and something like 1200 in the next. Quite honestly; part 4 chest always skunks me on mats and I rather get those over renown.

I tier 3rd my helmet and I now have deathblock and living guard…

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