Quandary About the Ruined Halls

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The Ruined Halls is just one of those “strange” quests.  It just seems out of place and filled with a bunch of random and crazy monsters.  I started thinking about this quest when I took Hamllin through it recently.  Ruined Halls is located in House Kundarak and the quest giver is Edvaq Goodgold who can be found in the Ever Full Flagon.  Ruined Halls is a level 6 quest on normal therefore making a level 8 quest on elite.

Hamllin taking on an ochre jelly in the Ruined Halls photo HamllintakingonanOchreJellyintheRuinedHalls_zps22e728ea.jpg
Hamllin taking on some jellies in the Ruined Halls.

The whole point of the quest is to explore and find out what happened to the Ruined Halls, as it was once a storage facility…for encased monsters it appears.  The vast majority of the time when you break a crate, a monster will fall out and start attacking you.  To top that off, there are a few instances where the monsters are…

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