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tabletop_roleplayingBetween last night and today — the first day off I’d had in quite some time — I was able to pour a bit of time into DDO.  The growing verdict (and I’ll have a bigger review soon) is that I actually quite like this game, perhaps far more than when I first played it a few years ago.  A few factors have influenced me in this:

  1. I’m actually pretty excited over the F2P/RMT version, oddly enough.  I like not having a monthly cost, but instead spending what I like, not paying when I like, and drifting in and out of the game as my whim dictates.  Plus, the way they’re setting up the RMT in this game is pretty interesting.  You can earn a lot of the content through gameplay, if you don’t want to spend $$, although money will certainly be a quicker way of going about it. …

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