Bio Break

yaaryarMan, it’s sometimes the simplest things that amuse me.

So, DDO has this guy who does the Dungeon Master voice-overs, a cool feature that was implimented somewhat haphazardly.  In some quests, he doesn’t ever talk, probably because he’s taking a bio break.  In others, he’ll refrain from chatting until you’re deep into the quest and then suddenly his voice will boom from your headset — “YOU HEAR RATTLING CHAINS FROM THE NEXT ROOOOOOM!” — and you pee your pants.  Then you get quests where the DM is apparently lonely and narrates every two seconds in huge, expository chunks.

Even better are the quests where the DM fills in for the voice of a main antagonist, which is sort of like getting used to Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption doing his calm voiceover and then suddenly trying to ape a Tim Robbins impression.  There’s even a quest or two where he…

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