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beholderSomeone asked me to do a review of DDO, which appealed to me as I’ve been enjoying the past couple weeks in the game, but I am hesitant to make any decisive judgments.  So call this a semi-review, a half-baked abomination that’s best kept under lock and key in a steel-plated room.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Niche Unlimited

For that, let’s look at the concept of a mainstream vs. niche MMO.  The way I define mainstream MMOs is games that are easily understood by a majority of players, popular across enough demographics to ensure a stable population, and familiar to those who have played most MMOs in the past.  Niche titles are off the beaten track in one of these areas — they might only be understood by a minority of players; it might only be popular in a smaller, more specific demographic; and it won’t be the standard Deekoomud…

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DDOCentral compiles all of the blogs, websites, and other online resources available for the MMORPG video game Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO).
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