The Joys of Prepping for a Heroic True Reincarnation

Erdrique's Blog

Well this weekend, with the help of a fellow a guildie, I was able to hit the level 20 heroic level cap with Erdrique.  On Friday night, I was able to complete the final slayer area for the Ruins of Gianthold and received nearly 56k experience.  I then hit A Cabal for One on elite and that pretty much capped me out for this particular barbarian life. 

On Saturday, I logged on at around 10 pm EST and spent the next 3 hours prepping Erdrique for a Heroic True Reincarnation.  I had spent the majority of the time managing the items in my shared bank, in my other characters’ banks, in my other characters’ inventory, Erdrique’s inventory, Erdrique’s bank, and Erdrique’s reincarnation bank.  I spent the vast majority of the time going through all of the items to make sure they were relevant and then trying to clear out…

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