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ebb_20040217_HalfOrcs_Shadow_MarchesThe latest DDOcast (#126) has a new edition of “Ask the Devs”, in which Turbine’s DDO devs appear on the show to tackle player questions.  It’s a great episode — give it a listen if you’re into DDO or interested in trying it out next month — and I wanted to highlight a couple of the bigger points they made:

  • New updates should be coming much faster from now on
  • They’re working on Update 1 called “Dreaming Dark” (high level content) — do missions inside of peoples’ nightmares
  • They’re going to be implementing respecs as a store option
  • Half-orcs aren’t coming in the near future, but it’s next up for races
  • MyDDO.com is coming – player blogs, record of character, and guild blogs

The increased update pace is essential, of course, for their microtransaction experiment.  This is one of the big differences between the subscription model and microtransactions — with…

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