Tabletop for one: solo RPG play

The Long Shot

Thanks to a misunderstanding of my friend and one-time grad assistant instructor, Jonathan Killstring’s, Blog of Doom, the notion of a single-player RPG burrowed its way into my imagination, so i put my reservations and hesitations aside and tried it out to see for myself…

game diceCan a person play D&D by themselves?

Turns out, yes. The tipping point for me was considering the video game hobby. Like millions of people, i engage in video gaming and have done so for decades. Granted, a lot of my gaming time is spent playing MMOs, which by their nature involve other people to varying degrees. But the premise of a single player becoming embroiled in combat, exploration and socialization is a baseline for games of all stripes. The latter of those – socialization – might involve digital NPCs in large part, but still, there it remains.

So, while it could be considered…

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