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Bio Break

steampunk-lcd‘Tis true… once in a while around these here parts I actually scrape together a few hours to actually play MMOs instead of just pick over them like a salad.  If you can’t tell, I’m pretty buzzed for DDO Unlimited after the past month or so back in the game.  I played my cleric up to level 8 — it’s a decent class with some surprising offensive spells, then toyed with the idea of a Drow sorcerer.  But I couldn’t betray the “No Elves Club”, I just couldn’t!

So the other night, following my vacation and a week away from gaming, I rerolled on a new server (Khyber) and created a character more true to myself — a halfling bard named Fiddyment.  Fiddyment is somewhat based on the “Micro Medic” build on the DDO forums, which appealed to me for a few reasons:

  • I’ve really been wanting to play a…

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