So Who Else Do You Think Was Locked Up

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Erdrique has just started the good ol’ Catacombs quest chain.  As I took him down to the Sanctuary to look for Marguerite, I began to wonder who else may have been down here.  Now remember, the Sanctuary is essentially an insane asylum.  Of course there is another asylum in Stormreach, the Embers Asylum which is actually the quest for Sane Asylum.  Since we have NPCs such as Durk the Deranged found in the Sane Asylum, I tend to think that the Sanctuary might be for those from wealthy families, however the Sanctuary is also home to Fitzwood (the lone survivor in To Find A Witness) who doesn’t seem to be from a wealthy family at all.  So how these two asylums operate with respect to each other is a little unknown to me.

Erdrique exploring the Sanctuary photo ErdriqueexploringtheSanctuary_zps146c6977.jpg
Erdrique explores the Sanctuary.

Who were in these cells photo Whoareinthecells_zps5f15ee1e.jpg
Who was locked up in these cells in the Sanctuary?


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