Tabletop for one: me, myself and D&D

The Long Shot

Before i get started on this installment of the single-player version of D&D i’m experimenting with, let me first just say: wow!

If my first post on this topic is any indication, there is a lot of interest about the possibilities and potential for tabletop RPG solo play. The Long Shot had a ton of visitors, and more importantly a lot of engagement from people who have played RPGs on their own, or for whom the idea is interesting and exciting enough to try themselves.

dice weapon

On Twitter, Master Gorfordel pointed out that 4E Starter Set came packaged with a single player choose-your-own-adventure sort of quest called Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens. And several people commented to me that they started playing D&D on their own due to various reasons. Late last night i came across The Indie Dragon/The Lone Crusader whose website offers tips and suggestions for solo play.


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