The Greatest Strength of a Game Like DDO is Also its Greatest Annoyance

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I haven’t played too many on-line games.  The vast majority of video games I played prior to being hooked by DDO were primarily console games and standard PC games that you simply install on your computer and play without having to connect to an on-line server.   After playing DDO for a number of years now and playing Neverwinter Nights I and Neverwinter Nights II on-line (through player worlds and friend’s servers), I have found that their strongest feature is also their greatest annoyance: having to be connected on-line.

Blog-Annoyance with logging in photo Blog-Annoyancewithwaiting_zps3c7f25a3.jpg
Patiently waiting to zone into the game…

Being connected on-line allows you to meet a wide array of people to under go a large number of experiences in DDO, with most of those encounters being fun, if not downright hilarious at times, with some of them being frustrating.  By being on-line, you get to meet people you would never meet on the…

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