Dungeons of the Fire Opal

Dyson's Dodecahedron


I’ve been running a 5e campaign since shortly after the full rules set was available, and I admit I’ve not read the whole DMG cover to cover yet. But when I do open it up and go look something up, I often come across one of the sample maps in the volume which in turn has appeared in every odd-numbered edition of the game.

The monastery basement map has been with us since the 1e DMG, made a new appearance in the 3e DMG (and was further expanded in an issue of Dungeon Magazine to finally have a full key instead of just a few rooms detailed), and is back again in a similar-yet-different style in the 5e DMG.

Besides style issues, there is only one major difference between the three versions – in Todd Gamble’s version (in 3e), room 5 is connected to the same hallway that leads to…

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