DDO Resoultions and Goals for 2014

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Happy New Year everybody!!  With the coming of the New Year I began to wonder what resolutions and goals I wanted to try to accomplish in DDO for 2014.  Whenever I make a list of goals, they always seem to be a little too lofty to accomplish all of them.  Heck, I generally make a daily “to do” list and and very rarely go that simple list completed.  Just never is enough time in the day (or just time period) to get everything done .  However, I have found it is always nice to have a set of goals to aim for.  here are some things I would like to try to do better this year:

The flesh render enjoying tearing up some drow photo Thefleshrenderenjoyingtearingupsomedrow_zpsb8145839.jpg
Erd’s flesh render having fun in Offering of Blood.  Here is to using the Shard of Xoriat in 2014!!

Resolutions for 2014:
1).  Recruit more members in Crypt Crawlers
2).  Enter the pugging scene…

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