DDO: Hankering after Eberron


I was reading a Q&A blog post written by Keith Baker yesterday. He’s the original creator of the Eberron campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons (first released back in the 3rd edition era). This is my favourite setting, the one in which I’ve been running a campaign. It is also the background setting for Dungeons & Dragons Online the MMORPG created by Turbine. Reading the Q&A had me wanting to play the game again but, sadly, I’m too quickly reminded of its faults.

Hat design is not a DDO strong-point Hat design is not a DDO strong-point

To be fair to the title it has some very positive points. The approximation of the 3rd edition D&D rules is *very* good, adapted for real-time combat and MMO tropes such as the combat role trinity (tank, healer , damage dealer). The character creation and progression system is amazingly deep and complex while offering a great ‘template’ system to allow MMO players who are…

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