Having a fun time in The Tide Turns on Epic Normal

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This past weekend, I logged on with Wapoyei (Level 22 Cleric/Exalted Angel) who needed to complete the Tide Turns on epic difficulty to complete the Sentinels of Stormreach chain.  I saw that another guildie was on, Okhamel, and asked him if he wanted to join me.  He switched characters to Friedrice (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and we started to gather our buffs on board the guild airship.  As we were buffing up, I decided I needed to get Wapoyei a new weapon.  He had been using +1 Holy Burst Heavy Mace of Pure Good with a Festival Icy Burst recipe applied for years now.  The weapon was a minimum level 12 and has sustained a fair amount of permanent damage over time.  So, I went to the Auction House and picked up a +2 Sun’s Fury Morningstar of Ghostbane.  The morningstar was an epic level, minimum level 22.  So after…

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