Tabletop for one: As the dice fall, so does a hero

The Long Shot

Now where were we?

Oh, right. Initiative rolls between tough, dwarven ex-soldier Jindra and three Redbrand ruffians on the streets of Phandalin. Here she was, trying to do everything on the DL, with a mind towards infiltrating this gang’s base. But it turns out they’ve gathered some intel on her  as well, and the thought of some adventurer hanging around town is something they ought to nip in the bud.


Initiative rolls came out to a tie (4) but these ruffians have the edge in dexterity so to them the first attack goes. Unfortunately, these enemies each get two attacks, so there was a very real possibility of getting smoked before the round even went to Jindra. However, out of six attacks, only one was a hit.

Surrounded by three enemies, Jindra had little in the way of options so she took a swing at one…and missed. Feeling in dire straits…

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