DDO: Respeccing

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ScreenShot00006I have a pretty solid philosophy when it comes to playing MMOs — I play what’s fun and appealing to me, not what is widely considered to be the “best” class or the “best” build or whatnot.  Sometimes the two converge, but more often not.  This is not a philosophy I’ve had for my entire gaming career, but one that I’ve gradually come around to.  Listen, I truly understand the appeal of picking the best, the most optimal, the tried-and-true builds that are designed by gamers who know a lot more about the numbers and have far more experience than I do.  But I’ve also come to realize that by idolizing the “best”, often I am compromising who I am in a way and what I want to do.

This is the reason I rerolled on a different server in DDO, despite having unlocked the Drow and accumulated a nice…

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