Month: June 2016

The Orcus Pit

Originally posted on Dyson's Dodecahedron:
The dead stir. Investigations at the graveyard and nearby give no reason, but the dead refuse to remain where they belong. Guards have been posted, brave souls have spent the night watching for the foul necromancer that is bringing them back… but to no…

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Originally posted on Bio Break:
One of the little details I appreciate about DDO is that there’s no piecemeal clown outfit mismatching going on.  The only visual parts of your gear — that show up on your avatar — are your main piece of armor, your helmet (which can be…

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Of pets and raids and EE Shindy

Originally posted on Even Now:
This past Sunday’s livestream featured Even and Gonari duoing the epic elite Sschindylryn chain. Keava couldn’t join in, as he was splitting his time between work and leveling up his newly-TRed warlock… maybe that’s why this week, while there were certainly some laughs, nobody tried…

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