The Orcus Pit

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The dead stir.

Investigations at the graveyard and nearby give no reason, but the dead refuse to remain where they belong. Guards have been posted, brave souls have spent the night watching for the foul necromancer that is bringing them back… but to no avail.

The Orcus Pit The Orcus Pit

If anything, the constant paranoia about the graveyard and the local undead makes things easier for the ancient Orcus cult in the city. They gather nightly now in the basement of the Travenis Estate under the guise of a group of concerned citizens who are trying to figure out what to do about the problems – while not condoning the “horrendous and blasphemous” demands of the citizens who want all the dead to be burned instead of buried.

In the depths of the basement of the estate is the Orcus Pit, a massive shallow pit around which they conduct their rites as…

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Tabletop for one: Interlude

The Long Shot

Before Jindra’s adventure continues in The Lost Mine of Phandelver, i wanted to take a quick break to share a few thoughts and ideas that came up after surviving the goblin hideout.

level up

Firstly, she leveled up! This is always great news in an RPG, bringing with it an increase in capabilities. The additional hit points are always welcome. The only other change for the dwarven fighter was the Action Surge ability, giving her the option of taking an extra action once per short or long rest. For a solitary adventurer, this is huge.

In researching what other players have discussed about the specialized build of a shield fighter, i came across an intriguing forum thread exploring the RAW for shields as weapons and any precedents existing in the rules that would help buff this concept. Although both the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide are scant on information, one person…

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VGM of the Day: Super Mario Bros. 2

Bio Break

I often feel that Super Mario Bros. 2 doesn’t get the respect these days as a “proper” entry into the Mario franchise, being an altered version of another game and all. Yet we played it like crazy back in the 80s, and I have a particular fondness for it — and its music.

Talk about a chirpy, cheery, and catchy theme! Can’t stop hearing this in my head once I’ve played it.

I imagine that this music plays anytime I accomplish something awesome, which is quite frequent.

We would beg — BEG — our cousin TJ to quickly beat the game so we could hear this theme. The lullaby earworm makes me insanely happy.

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DDO Resoultions and Goals for 2014

Erdrique's Blog

Happy New Year everybody!!  With the coming of the New Year I began to wonder what resolutions and goals I wanted to try to accomplish in DDO for 2014.  Whenever I make a list of goals, they always seem to be a little too lofty to accomplish all of them.  Heck, I generally make a daily “to do” list and and very rarely go that simple list completed.  Just never is enough time in the day (or just time period) to get everything done .  However, I have found it is always nice to have a set of goals to aim for.  here are some things I would like to try to do better this year:

The flesh render enjoying tearing up some drow photo Thefleshrenderenjoyingtearingupsomedrow_zpsb8145839.jpg
Erd’s flesh render having fun in Offering of Blood.  Here is to using the Shard of Xoriat in 2014!!

Resolutions for 2014:
1).  Recruit more members in Crypt Crawlers
2).  Enter the pugging scene…

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Cerge life 7 update

Micki's Delirium

It’s been a while again since I wrote a post. I’ve been quite busy with rl, lots to do at work and I’ve adopted a few more degus that take up a bit more of my evening time. When I have been playing I’ve been soloing with my the main char on my third account piking. Or I started doing that when I realised she had/ had access to the packs I wanted to run. It’s only been an hour or two each night, and me missing some nights too, so leveling has been slow.

When Cerge hit 20, but Genmaicha was still 18, I decided to hit IQ.. starting with In the Demon’s Den. I’ve only run that quest once before, so I was curious to see if I could solo it. I quickly realised that 1. I needed a trapper to get past at least one of the…

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Bio Break

One of the little details I appreciate about DDO is that there’s no piecemeal clown outfit mismatching going on.  The only visual parts of your gear — that show up on your avatar — are your main piece of armor, your helmet (which can be toggled off with the “/showhelmet off” command) and weapons.  Although there is a potential for disappointment from those who want to see every little thing they’ve equipped, the upside is that your character has a very coherent, unified look.  And since DDO’s Eberron setting calls for a visual distinctiveness from most other fantasy settings, a lot of the armor I’ve seen in the game is wonderfully weird, different and intriguing — kind of like a mash-up between medieval armor, steampunk outfits, and jungle explorer gear.

Case in point, my bard Fiddyment, who obtained this +2 something-or-other light armor yesterday and feels completely saucy wearing it:

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Dungeons of the Fire Opal

Dyson's Dodecahedron


I’ve been running a 5e campaign since shortly after the full rules set was available, and I admit I’ve not read the whole DMG cover to cover yet. But when I do open it up and go look something up, I often come across one of the sample maps in the volume which in turn has appeared in every odd-numbered edition of the game.

The monastery basement map has been with us since the 1e DMG, made a new appearance in the 3e DMG (and was further expanded in an issue of Dungeon Magazine to finally have a full key instead of just a few rooms detailed), and is back again in a similar-yet-different style in the 5e DMG.

Besides style issues, there is only one major difference between the three versions – in Todd Gamble’s version (in 3e), room 5 is connected to the same hallway that leads to…

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Of pets and raids and EE Shindy

Even Now

This past Sunday’s livestream featured Even and Gonari duoing the epic elite Sschindylryn chain. Keava couldn’t join in, as he was splitting his time between work and leveling up his newly-TRed warlock… maybe that’s why this week, while there were certainly some laughs, nobody tried to grab Elminster’s thingie, or offered their Pale Rod to anyone, or told everyone to stop beating up Draya Dun’Robar so we could check and see if the Drow commander was male or female. Must work on that!

Next week’s livestream will probably be EE Demonweb. DRETCHES! Yay! You can watch live at 11 pm Eastern time on Sunday by visiting my Twitch channel.

Blonde bear cub

The past week also marked the acquisition of Dandelion, my new blonde bear cub cosmetic pet, aka Creature Companion #94. Just finished a run of Fall of Truth to farm wraiths; still need nearly 2,400  of those for the wraith…

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Tabletop for one: Discretion is the better part of valor

The Long Shot

In the previous installment of Tabletop for one, my solo RPG play character Jindra the female dwarf shield fighter was crouched in a thicket outside the entrance to a goblin “eating cave,” a hideout used by the Cragmaw tribe to launch ambushes along the Triboar Trail. After <barely> surviving an ambush herself, she completed her goal of delivering a wagonload of goods to Phandalin – along with a goblin prisoner – and headed back out to investigate this hideout and hopefully find and rescue Sildar Hallwinter. Sildar, a human warrior, was taken along with Jindra’s friend and patron Gundren Rockseeker. The latter was absconded with to Cragmaw Castle, a fortress many miles away. Closer at hand was this cave, and with any luck Jindra could enlist Sildar’s help in mounting a rescue operation.

get into rpg

In order to differentiate between the narrative retelling of the adventure experience and the insights into…

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Lair of the Harpy Sorceresses

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A pair of the foulest harpy sorceresses ever to fly the badlands settled into these caves and excavations about 20 years ago. The rocky mesas and shattered stones of the badlands extend for days in every direction – a mix of natural erosion, heaving land, and the warring of ancient titans creating the plains of shattered rock, gullies, and canyons.

Although not obvious from above or from the entrances to the lair, these caves were also once home to someone who took the time to fix them up and smooth floors out and generally upgrade them from shattered caves and crevasses into a functional lair with multiple areas and access points.

Habret's Lair (with grid) Habret’s Lair (with grid)

Originally, the Harpies left the structure as they found it, with the old bridges rotted out making access very difficult for non-fliers. But foul magics and the years have taken their toll on the beastly…

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