DDOU Unveiled, Unleashed and Unspoiled

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dndcartoon_1092703423-000Today Turbine passed down two important slices of DDO news: that the NDA for DDO Unlimited is lifted (giving everyone read-only access to the beta forums) and that the launch date for DDO’s new version is August 4th.  Note that if you’re not a subscriber at the time (a “VIP”) you’ll have to wait until the 6th to check it out.

I’m watching all of this in fascination because we’ve really never seen something like this happen before — a big-bucks MMO that was faltering in the subscription department rework itself into a blend of subscription and free-to-play microtransaction options.  If nothing else, Turbine’s certainly reaped a fair share of lazy summer press by doing all of this — who really thought that DDO would be big news in 2009?  And the fact that they’re getting this version out of the door in early August means that summer-starved MMO…

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Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Level 25 (holding 25), full draconic and tier 4 Magister with +3 Conjuration twisted along with the one that gives +6 in will save. I could do Charisma and I still might end up twisting another Charisma point but I’m holding around 48 in Charisma with ship buffs and could get 50 possibly 52.

I’ve run more epic level 25 time is money that I’d care to count. I’ve so far made about 30-40 tokens in the process and levelled crazy much destiny. Not that I have ignored other quests – it’s just that it’s been a good ride so far and after I when back to draconic for a while those choices have paid off. It’s expensive to reset your destiny however – 171k the first time and it seems it gets more and more expensive. Let me just say that ‘experimenting’ is not really on the horizon as…

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DDO: 32 Points Of Debate

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97lbweakling“No one…*no one*…wants to start a game knowing that what they’re rolling in with is going to be, by definition, not best spec.”

~ SableShadow, on DDO forums

As I briefly touched on in my previous DDO review, probably one of the most debated, heated issues in Dungeons & Dragons Online right now — and pretty much ever since it came out — was the inclusion of the unlockable 32-point build.

Let me summarize.  When you first start playing, the character you create has 28 stat points that you can distribute among your core stats, any way you like.  Then Turbine created the Favor system — that players would accumulate favor for different factions and an overall favor for that character.  You could only get favor by doing dungeon runs, and each dungeon could only give you a set amount of favor (if you finish it on elite, you…

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Having a blast

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’ve spent tons of time levelling up a half orc and a half elf; the half orc being a fighter and the half elf a level 2 rogue and the rest bard.I figure I would do that now and get an idea of how I should level up in order to get the most out of it.

I also managed to scrape together enough large devil scales to make a con op helmet. First I wanted a straight immunity helmet – alot cheaper than making a con op. But then I started to think about how I always wanted to solo places like Amrath and other hard to solo quests (at least for a ranger). I already had stuff to give me death ward and I could always use my deathblock necklace in a pinch. Plus I could use pots or such to remove poison.

So I ended up with…

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Some more questions for Basil and his experiements

Erdrique's Blog

Awhile ago I wrote about one of my quest runs through Redfang the Unruled.  Well, on Friday I took Erdrique through this particular quest once again.  If you aren’t aware of this particular quest, it is in the Marketplace close to the Rusty Nail Tavern.  The quest giver is Basil Tallbarrow.  Basil flags you down and tells you he needs some help to eliminate one of his experiments, a monstrous spider named Redfang.  OK no problem.  Evidently Basil’s lab is located down in his sub-basement.  Well first off, it would have been nice if he told you about the rest of experiments down there.  Coming across other monstrosities such as Venom, Bile, Tarnish, and Goliath is an unpleasant surprise.  However, what really is questionable, is where are those glass spider eggs coming from?  As you venture further and further into the sub-basement you come across more and more of…

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DDO: Save Check

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beholderSomeone asked me to do a review of DDO, which appealed to me as I’ve been enjoying the past couple weeks in the game, but I am hesitant to make any decisive judgments.  So call this a semi-review, a half-baked abomination that’s best kept under lock and key in a steel-plated room.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Niche Unlimited

For that, let’s look at the concept of a mainstream vs. niche MMO.  The way I define mainstream MMOs is games that are easily understood by a majority of players, popular across enough demographics to ensure a stable population, and familiar to those who have played most MMOs in the past.  Niche titles are off the beaten track in one of these areas — they might only be understood by a minority of players; it might only be popular in a smaller, more specific demographic; and it won’t be the standard Deekoomud…

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For the rocks, I kill

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Holy rage blaze in my eyes. I can taste my own metallic blood. Body feels numb from when it slammed into the rock behind me. My rapiers burns in the dust on the ground. My shield 7 feet away as the strap hangs broken.

The Ogre laughs. Gives me time. The Hobgoblin next to him snickers.  I jump out. My searing light stabs a deadly hole through the hobgoblin killing it outright. The Ogre gives me a surprised look. My body slams into it, catching it off guard. Its rank musky smell stings my eyes as it falls backwards, it’s nasty breath smash out it’s lounges as it hits the ground. I punch it. 2 Other hobgoblins runs to its aid. Guttural sounds and shrieks echo through the cave. My Firestorm drops down and melts their skin from their bones, turning them into 2 screaming torches. The Ogre regains…

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The Joys of Prepping for a Heroic True Reincarnation

Erdrique's Blog

Well this weekend, with the help of a fellow a guildie, I was able to hit the level 20 heroic level cap with Erdrique.  On Friday night, I was able to complete the final slayer area for the Ruins of Gianthold and received nearly 56k experience.  I then hit A Cabal for One on elite and that pretty much capped me out for this particular barbarian life. 

On Saturday, I logged on at around 10 pm EST and spent the next 3 hours prepping Erdrique for a Heroic True Reincarnation.  I had spent the majority of the time managing the items in my shared bank, in my other characters’ banks, in my other characters’ inventory, Erdrique’s inventory, Erdrique’s bank, and Erdrique’s reincarnation bank.  I spent the vast majority of the time going through all of the items to make sure they were relevant and then trying to clear out…

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