Quandary About the Ruined Halls

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The Ruined Halls is just one of those “strange” quests.  It just seems out of place and filled with a bunch of random and crazy monsters.  I started thinking about this quest when I took Hamllin through it recently.  Ruined Halls is located in House Kundarak and the quest giver is Edvaq Goodgold who can be found in the Ever Full Flagon.  Ruined Halls is a level 6 quest on normal therefore making a level 8 quest on elite.

Hamllin taking on an ochre jelly in the Ruined Halls photo HamllintakingonanOchreJellyintheRuinedHalls_zps22e728ea.jpg
Hamllin taking on some jellies in the Ruined Halls.

The whole point of the quest is to explore and find out what happened to the Ruined Halls, as it was once a storage facility…for encased monsters it appears.  The vast majority of the time when you break a crate, a monster will fall out and start attacking you.  To top that off, there are a few instances where the monsters are…

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I’m on the guard

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I finally ran a succesful Shroud after we failed one. The failed one got us to part 4 where the devil decided that we healed to good and slapped us (both healers) with a meteorstorm. Naturally our instinct was to heal ourselves quickly as he managed to slap us down to 10 percentish worth of HP and that lead to a cascade of people dying. I tried to keep us up by wasting potions which I shouldn’t had because we gave up shortly thereafter.

The second run was pretty straightforward and it took me to the finish line and another completion. I managed to pull 200 or so renown in the first failed and something like 1200 in the next. Quite honestly; part 4 chest always skunks me on mats and I rather get those over renown.

I tier 3rd my helmet and I now have deathblock and living guard…

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A Love Affair with MMOs

Many Welps


I’ve been MMOing since 2004. While I would really like day that my first experience with online games was with Runescape or World of Warcraft, it just isn’t so. See while all my friends were playing Runescape, I was playing Club Penguin. If you’re not sure what that is, it was basically a heavily moderated chat room with some mini games and a penguin avatars to dress up. For the life of me I can’t remember why I was so entranced by it, maybe because it was the first time I was playing a game that had any kind of chat feature at all. It took about a year for my friends to convince me to try this Runescape thing.

I like to think of Runescape as the gateway MMO. It wasn’t flashy, it ran in a browser, and it was pretty easy to learn  to play. It…

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NBI 2016: Take the leap and become an MMO blogger!

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When it comes to running a blog, there are two pivotal moments in making it work. The first, of course, is to decide to stop thinking about it and actually just do it. It’s not as if it’s an impossible task — come up with a clever name, snag a free blog account, and start writing. Sure, it’s nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and be subject to criticism, disagreement, and (worst of all) the potential for deafening silence. But it’s pretty thrilling, too.

The second moment is the more difficult one: It’s when you get past the initial thrill of creation and realize that this isn’t a one-and-done type of project. Blogging is something that requires a regular, consistent effort, whether it be daily or a couple of times a week. A blog not updating is a blog in stasis — and a blog that gets ignored. To build…

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Solo ToD

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After my successful solo completions of Fall of Truth eN and ADQ EE, I decided that I wanted to do more solo video, and attempt more solo runs. The a list of raids in ddo can be found here (though it is apparently missing Thunderholme raids and Defiler of the just). Currently I think I would like to attempt EE Chrono, Elite VoD, eN or heroic elite Shroud, maybe hox. I would also be interested in learning to dualbox the heroic abbot raid… and maybe some of the others.

Anyway, On Saturday I did my first solo run of a Tower of Despair, and here is the video:

Thank you for stopping bye.

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Hitting a New Monster Manual Mark

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One of the great things about the monster manual is the wide array of rewards you can obtain for just slaying monsters as you make your way through the various adventures, wilderness zones, and dungeons of DDO.  One of the more interesting and fun rewards you can reach through the monster manual is a “rank” called “expertise.”  You obtain this mark when the acquire enough of the account wide credits for any particular monster.  In all cases, the first rank of “expertise” will allow you to see the hit points of enemy type in which you hit that mark for.  A few monsters will also have a secondary expertise rank that will bestow a creature companion of that monster type to way for your stable.

Back in April, I was taking Erdrique (Level 30 Rogue/Shadowdancer) through the Sands of Menechtarun (my favorite explorer area by far) and I was battling…

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DDO: Back Into The Breach

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Gary_GygaxI couldn’t resist.  I mean, I tried.  I really did.  I lasted almost a week, which shouldn’t have been difficult, considering that I’ve had next to no spare gaming time whatsoever as I’m in the midst of planning a rather large mission trip with our church.  But ever since I heard the news that Dungeons & Dragons Online was going to become free-to-play, I knew I would be playing it, and I didn’t want to wait.

I tried.

I’m weak.

I resubscribed.  Resubscribed for a game that’s going to be free in a month or two.  And which has a beta that I could conceivably also play for free.

It wasn’t just the future knowledge and my lack of patience that prompted this decision, it was also the result of a bit of research on the forums.  Previous DDO subscribers (current or not) will be given more goodies as free…

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The Crucible maze; a how to

Micki's Delirium

I noticed someone had been looking at my blog called Practising the Crucible and clicked on the link that is outdated. I considered updating the link to the new forums, but since the pictures don’t seem to work on the new form link, I figured I’d just do another blog about this.

The Crucible is one of my favourite quests in the game. For a good long while, the only puzzle in it that I was good at, was the maze.. but now I can do all of them on most of my characters. The maze can be completed in more than one way, but I always do the one I have memorized. The maze can be solo’d with a hireling, but since the hireling may malfunction if you lose target, an easier way to solo this quest is to run with a second account.. or to not solo and have…

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Favorite Classes of All Time

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Brady19-745902Gordon over at We Fly Spitfires threw up an interesting article (hm, maybe “threw up” wasn’t the best verb I could’ve used) talking about his favorite classes over his MMO career.  I’d love to hop on board that train and take it to the next station, so here are my ten favorite classes from my past (and current) MMOs:

1. Hunter (WoW)

Yes, they’re overplayed, underskilled and a cliche for the entire MMO genre — but I still loved mine.  I’ve never experienced a pet class in any other MMO that was as thrilling as WoW’s hunter, which incorporated capturing a pet of your choice (within reason) and training it over your journey together.  In my defense, I never played a Night Elf Hunter.

2. Warlock (WoW)

The original Syp was born as a gnome warlock, a powerhouse experience from 1-73ish when I left her to wither and die in…

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