Thoughts on the Black Anvil Mines-A Relic of the Sovereign Past

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At one time, the quest known as A Relic of the Sovereign Past, was one of the hardest and most heavily ran quests in the game.  Today, it is rarely run and I have a few of my guildies who swear they have never been in it.  When the quest first came out, it was better known as the Black Anvil Mines (BAM).  The quest giver, Sir Kinze MacDunnam is found in the Temple of the Sovereign Host in House Deneith.  He tells you about a historic artifact that has gone missing: the legendary sword Tesyus.  Our adventurers are tasked with finding the legendary sword which has supposedly turned up in the Black Anvil Mines. 

Erdrique taking on the taskmaster photo Erdriquetakingonthetaskmaster_zps40a031c6.jpg
Erdrique taking on the taskmaster.

Although the quest giver is in House Deneith, the entrance to the Black Anvil Mines is actually in House Kundarak.  This entrance also harbors the quest, Made to Order

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DDO: Invasion of Privacy

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Dungeons and Dragons for DummiesOne thing that got me curious last night, after reading the big DDO Unlimited (DDOU?  DDOEU?  When do acronyms just get silly-stupid?) announcement, was the reaction of current subscribers to the news.  Imagine if the MMO you’re currently subscribing to suddenly announced this shift.  After all, this is their game, their turf, and it’s just been turned upside-down.  Perhaps for the better, perhaps not — I went to their forums to take their temperature.

The general reactions to this announcement tended to land in one of five responses:

  1. Upset because this also represents a delay of a promised content patch (module 9), which the community was eagerly awaiting.
  2. Excited for the huge marketing push, potential influx of lots of new players, cheaper cost and (hopefully) more content than had been rolling out recently.  As a dev said, “It’s kind of dumb to have a store if you’re not selling new…

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Some Thoughts On the Recent Changes to Experience Needed to Heroic True Reincarnate

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Over the past weekend, I hit level 20 with Erdrique.  I couldn’t help notice how the changes in the experience curve allowed Erdrique to reach that plateau more quickly than before.  When I typically run through a heroic true reincarnation, I tend to run all the quests on elite in chronological order.  Now this isn’t the fastest way to move through a heroic life but I don’t like to skip quests and I like to gain the favor as well as the extra Turbine Points from that earned favor.  When I had moved through Erdrique’s previous life as a cleric, I noticed that he had made it up to the Vale of Twilight and Reign of Madness quests before he hit the heroic level cap.  I also tend to complete the explorer areas as best as I can as well.  During my last life, I had a hard time…

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Announcement: DDO F2P!

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ddoComing out of left field, Turbine’s announced that later this summer, Dungeons & Dragons Online will change from subscription to a free-to-play model (called Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited).  A few of the salient details from their announcement:

  • “Launching this summer”
  • Play for free – no time limit or level cap
  • Additional content and items will be available in the DDO store for real-world currency (RMT).  You can also earn store points for “certain achievements in-game” (according to their FAQ)
  • You also can subscribe for $14.99/month for their VIP program — unlimited access to all premium content plus a number of exclusive benefits (extra character slots, shared bank, DDO store currency)
  • DDO Store has convenience items, premium dungeon packs, additional character slots, hirelings, potions, character customization and more
  • “Now players can download DDO Unlimited in minutes and immediately begin creating their own character”

IGN says that, “DDO is…

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What NPC’s would you like to meet in person if you could?

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While I’m running around Stormreach and Eveningstar with the myriad of characters I have created and adventure with, I can’t help wonder what it would be like to actually meet some of the NPCs that we commonly encounter in the game.  Some of the more interesting NPCs I would like to meet would include:

1).  The Dragon Emissaries from Argonesson-Cydonine especially
2).  The Stormreaver
3).  Elminster (Have to put him in here right?)
4).  Zawabi
5).  Fred and Joe Lantern (for curiosity sake)

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to meet a real life dragon and learn about their ways and customs and watch their ability to shape shift from a huge dragon to a humanoid form.  The Stormreaver would be an interesting one to meet, to learn about all of his experiences and to gauge what wisdom he has to offer.  Elminster, well I don’t think there are…

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32 Raids in 24 Hours

Full Moon Fury

This past weekend was a holiday one in the United States, and I would like to think I took good advantage of that fact.  Let’s start at the end and go backwards.  Why?  Because I can.

The final thing that happened before I logged off was the acquisition of the one and only Hellpuppy, the Monster Manual creature companion for slaughtering a metric butt-ton of Hellhounds.  When shrunken down to such small dimensions, he kind of looks more like a disfigured chihuahua, but I suppose that adds to the charm in its own way.

ScreenShot01355 Ain’t he adorable?  I named him Roger.  Because, reasons.

Immediately prior to that was the completion of a completely berserk number of raids in a single day.  Because of course I couldn’t just leave last years’ 20 Shrouds in 24 Hours stunt alone, now, could I?  Of course not.  That would be silly, and while…

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Guest post: The pros and cons of altoholism

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Occasional Hero Banner v3 Thin 636

Our final guest post while Syp is out on vacation is from ChaosConstant of Occasional Hero! Check out his blog — or suffer the consequences.

I’ve been playing MMOs since a friend first dragged me with him into RuneScape in 2004, and in that time I’ve rolled a lot of characters in a lot of different games. It all started in 2010 with Lord of the Rings Online, when I had a really hard time finding a class that I liked. I had a lot of guilt that I had abandoned my level 25ish hunter for my burglar. I had even more guilt when I abandoned my level 40ish burglar for my minstrel, then abandoned him for my lore-master, then abandoned him for my captain… and before I knew it I had at least one character of every class scattered across several servers. I came to realize that I…

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Syp, Probed

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aliens11Jennifer over at Girl RLY? (oh, I renamed your site, hope you don’t mind!) answered and then passed on “Ten Probing Questions” to several other bloggers, including myself, to answer.  And since my afternoon class at seminary is canceled and I’m sitting here for the next four hours until my evening class, why not?

1.  What is your current main character’s name (or names, if you play multiple games)?  Explain how you chose the name.

“Syp” in both Warhammer and LOTRO.  In the past, I never held on to a moniker as my handle when I switched games, but Syp’s kind of stuck with me, particularly after blogging with that name for over a year.  It originated in World of Warcraft in September 2006 as I rolled a Gnome warlock.  It doesn’t have any special meaning other than falling within my “3 Letter Name” rule (the rule is, since everyone’s…

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