Month: July 2016

The Prophet of Permadeath

Originally posted on Bio Break:
I’ve wanted to write an article on that old hoary chestnut of MMO discussions, permadeath, for quite some time, but I didn’t want to bog down in same-old, same-old coverage.  I don’t really care about the heated arguments that people get in over this subject…

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Preparing for Youtube

Originally posted on mrluvvaluvva:
…creativity don’t fail me now! Today marks the 2 week and one day window towards a little indie game from Hello Games called ‘No Man’s Sky’, not too sure if you guys have heard of it – you probably have. This game to me has my…

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Item Naming and Crafting

Originally posted on Erdrique's Blog:
One thing that I think that would be really cool would be the ability to create our own unique item names during the crafting process, whether it be greensteel crafting, Cannith crafting, dragontouched, Thunderforged, or whatever.  I think that would be a really cool…

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